This site aims to provide a directory of principal investigators in peptide science at academic institutions, government laboratories, or companies, who have a research-oriented web page at that institution. It is inspired by the popular OrganicLinks and ChemBioLinks web pages and is expected to serve as a directory for the peptide science community, much as those pages serve as directories for the organic chemistry and chemical biology communities. Currently, I am including only US- and Canadian-based peptide scientists, although my long-term goal is to expand the network to include peptide scientists from around the world.


The site is not meant to be comprehensive and indeed cannot be comprehensive. The field of peptides is huge and interdisciplinary. It ranges across departments in academia, spanning chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, materials science, and engineering. Much great peptide science is hidden behind the doors of companies, who often do not give individual researchers their own web pages. Peptides also provides enabling technology to researchers in a variety of disciplines. For all of these reasons, it cannot include every researcher who uses peptides.


This site is still under construction, and I am in the process of adding names to it. If you consider yourself to be a peptide scientist and are a principal investigator with a web page at your institution, you may e-mail me at if you wish to be added to this page. Please provide me with your name, institution, state, and website.



James S. Nowick

Professor of Chemistry

University of California, Irvine

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